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simple, efficient and safe

aestimo revolutionizes damage assessment in the insurance industry. This platform allows insurance companies and appraisers to easily and securely connect with customers via video calls from their mobile phones, without the need for a special dedicate app.


All necessary information for damage assessment is efficiently collected remotely.

aestimo software product

aestimo software ...

  • Time-saving: no travel time for appraisers.

  • Cost-effective: Wide area coverage without additional overhead.

  • Efficient: Fast and focused review process.

  • Customer-friendly: Accelerated claims settlement.

  • Fraud-proof: Forgery-proof data capture.

  • Customer benefit: aestimo strengthens the trust of the insured, increases the efficiency of the insurance company and supports agents and loss adjusters in their work with innovative and modern tools.

Standalone or integrated

  • aestimo is ready for immediate use and fully functional immediately after its activation in the cloud.

  • As a SaaS solution, aestimo offers the advantage of being able to be used without major internal IT effort. You can use our solution flexibly, whether independently or directly integrated into your internal processes.

  • With easy compatibility, strict security standards and continuous support, aestimo ensures that integration into your work processes is not only seamless but also increases efficiency.

Creates trust...

  • aestimo strengthens the trust of insured parties, increases the efficiency of insurance companies and supports agents and loss adjusters in their work with innovative and modern tools.

This is how it works... 

  • Start the video call with your customer with a click of the mouse

  • Guide your customer with the support of the software through easy-to-understand instructions and take the desired photos in the application

  • end the call and receive all collected information by email, download or directly in your insurance core system

Remote damage assessment

Photo and video capture for appraisals and claims

Fire, water, storm, burglary, glass, natural hazards, vehicle, cyber, liability

Product video

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Dominique Wurzler

aestimo GmbH

Isartorplatz 8

D-80331 Munich


Telephone: +49 89 6146 7828

Dominique Wurzler CEO, Managing Director


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