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KFZ Unfallschaden

Revolutionize your damage assessment 
with AI-powered image analysis

aestimo Insurance AI represents innovation in the insurance industry by combining advanced image recognition technology with our easy-to-use software. Experience how our integrated solutions redefine damage assessment by directly capturing photos and enabling comprehensive analysis through artificial intelligence.

Precision meets efficiency
  • Direct image capture: Use the aestimo software to create photos and have them analyzed immediately.

  • Intelligent analysis: AI collects data automatically and offers precise evaluations in real time.

  • Perfect integration: aestimo Insurance AI integrates smoothly into your existing processes.

Features that make the difference

  • Comprehensive damage categorization:  AI recognizes all types of damage and classifies them accordingly.

  • Detailed reports: You will receive automatically generated reports that contain a detailed list of the extent of the damage.

  • Intelligent archiving: Store and manage all damage data and images securely and clearly.

Support usage and automation
  • Clerk assistance: aestimo's AI offers Valuable support for clerks through detailed damage analyzes and suggestions for claims settlement.

  • Automated claims settlement: Streamline your processes with the ability to automate claims processing and payouts based on data provided by AI.

Tailored for every insurance line
  • building insurance: Determine structural damage precisely with direct image capture.

  • Car insurance: Analyze and document vehicle damage efficiently and precisely.

  • Household contents and inventory insurance: Easily assess property damage with automated data collection.

  • Liability insurance: Determine liability claims through a comprehensive damage analysis.

Simplicity and effectiveness
  • User-friendly interface: Managed claims and analysis centrally.

  • One-touch image capture: the aestimo platform is optimized for quick and easy image capture.

  • Mobile application: Are you in motion? Record damage directly on site and initiate the assessment.

Security and trust
  • Data protection compliance: We ensure the highest security standards and data protection.

  • Reliable support: Our team of specialists will support you every step of the way.

Start now
  • Request a demo: Experience aestimo Insurance AI in action.

  • Contact us: If you have any questions or individual requests, we are at your disposal.

  • Get involved in the future of damage assessment with aestimo Insurance AI.

KFZ Unfallschaden

Damage report

Damage description:
The vehicle in the picture shows massive damage due to the obvious effects of natural forces. Branches and dirt cover the car, indicating a flood or similar incident. The windshield is cracked, and the roof and hood are clearly dented and deformed. This type of damage indicates the impact of flying debris or strong water forces.

Extent of damage:
- Hood severely deformed
- Windshield broken
- Roof dented and damaged
- Extensive soiling due to mud and plant debris
- Possible invisible damage to the electronics and mechanics due to water ingress

Damage category: Major

Cost estimate:
The repair costs would probably be higher than the residual value of the vehicle. A professional repair would be disproportionately expensive, therefore a total loss must be assumed.

* Please note that this estimate is based solely on a visual inspection of the image and a detailed inspection by a specialist on site is required to determine the full extent of the damage and the exact costs.


Request a demo: Experience aestimo  Insurance AI in action

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