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Seamless integration for maximum efficiency

The aestimo platform is not only an advanced damage assessment solution - it is also designed to effortlessly integrate into your existing systems or be used standalone.


With easy compatibility, strict security standards and continuous support, aestimo ensures that integration into your work processes is not only seamless but also increases efficiency.


Experience how seamless integration transforms your workflows and increases your efficiency.

integrated or stand-alone

Easy integration into your existing systems

At aestimo we understand the importance of smooth integration into your current workflows. Our software solution is designed to be easily compatible with a variety of existing platforms and infrastructure, including Zoho and similar systems. By using standardized REST APIs, we ensure flexible and easy integration.

Security and compliance in focus

The security of your data and compliance with relevant data protection standards are of utmost importance to us. We continually work to ensure that our solutions are not only powerful, but also fully compliant with the latest security and privacy regulations.

Step-by-step instructions for integration

Our team provides detailed guidance and support throughout the integration process. From the initial analysis of your specific requirements to the final implementation - we accompany you step by step to ensure a seamless transition and efficient use of our software.

Continuous support and adaptation

Even after the successful integration, we will be at your side to ensure that aestimo functions optimally in your company. We offer ongoing support and customization options to respond to changing needs and technological developments.

Your efficiency is our priority

Integrating aestimo into your system is more than just a technical step. It is a strategic move to maximize your process efficiency and ensure a smooth process in your claims assessment.

Discussion of the requirements

IT and process 

Analysis, consulting, implementation and rollout

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Dominique Wurzler

aestimo GmbH

Isartorplatz 8

D-80331 Munich


Telephone: +49 89 6146 7828

Dominique Wurzler CEO, Managing Director


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